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Introduced in 2010 Rock Tips Liquid Callus Formula is a brush applied solution
for protecting your fingertips while playing
guitar, bass or other stringed instrument.

A new approach to the age-old problem of dealing with painful fingertips. Rock-Tips helps beginners with sensitive fingertips and many experienced players have been tipping up for some extra protection. We know you will find Rock-Tips an important Gig-Bag tool for many of your fingertip sensitivity and pain issues.

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Simple, safe and fast drying a small application of Rock Tips allows you
to play for longer periods of time with protection and comfort.


A safe new alternative to using toxic glue on your fingertips!

In the past, many musicians have relied on strong glues and liquid bandages to help relieve fingertip pain, all with less than perfect results. Household glue is very brittle and unforgiving, while liquid bandages gum up instrument strings and wear off quickly.

What is Rock Tips!

Rock Tips Liquid Callus Formula is based around a medical adhesive, which is designed specifically for use on human skin. With additional polymers added for flexibility and strength, our proprietary formula acts and feels like a hardened layer of skin, with the toughness and flexibility of a real callus.

Key benefits of Rock Tips!

Helps build natural calluses faster by allowing you to play for longer periods at a time.
Rebuilds and Repairs damaged, peeling or torn fingertip calluses, prohibits
     blisters from forming and reduces sensitivity. Works great with minor fingernail splits
     and dryed cracked skin irritation.
Long lasting and Tough a typical application of Rock-Tips will stay on your fingertips for
     1-2 days of active playing, and a single 4 ml. bottle contains over 150 applications
Transparent and Unobtrusive doesn't impede the feeling of the strings on your fingers.
Safe and Easy to Use –will scrub off with soap and warm water.
Non-toxic, Quick curing Formula - Useful for all levels of musicians, from beginner to professional.

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